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At the office of Stanley Schaeffer, DDS we help patients of all ages improve and maintain their oral health. Dr. Schaeffer provides effective preventive care for both developing and mature smiles. Whether your child needs help with cavities or a senior in your family requires a partial, our comprehensive treatment plans prioritize your health and comfort. 

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Gentle Dental Care For Young Smiles

family dentist in escondidoDr. Schaeffer performs routine dental exams, complete with traditional x-rays that ensure your child’s oral health and overall wellbeing. If they’ve already experienced cavities, we provide safe dental fillings to keep their smiles uniform. At our office, we prioritize health and prevention, both of which go a long way toward encouraging positive development. Along with fillings we also provide fluoride and sealants, which fight or prevent cavities.

The habits we develop as children often inform our routines as adults. Those habits can also affect your appearance in ways you may not have realized. At Dr. Schaeffer’s office, we work with parents to break habits such as thumb-sucking, which can affect the development of their oral anatomy and facial structure. 

Early Orthodontics For Kids

Many are unaware of the tongue’s role in oral development, and having a thumb in its place can alter the formation of your upper jaw. Thumb-sucking can lead to misalignment and the need for orthodontic correction. Taking a proactive approach earlier in life with early orthodontic treatment can help prevent improper development and preserve your child’s long-term well-being.

Dr. Schaeffer also extends this approach to interceptive orthodontics. We offer early orthodontic therapy in Escondido, which helps effectively move children’s teeth in a wider area. Similar to popular brands of clear braces, these plastic trays allow crowding teeth to integrate into our young patients’ smiles without interrupting their alignment and aesthetics. With this treatment, patients can either shorten their traditional orthodontic treatments or avoid them outright. 

Comprehensive Dental Care For The Entire Family

For patients in their later years who have missing or damaged teeth, Dr. Schaeffer offers a wide variety of dental restorations from his Escondido practice. Dr. Schaeffer collaborates with a local lab to produce realistic crowns and bridges. We utilize high-quality materials such as porcelain so you can be happy with the aesthetic results. We also work with a lab that specializes in denture and partial production. 

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Dr. Schaeffer and his team welcome patients of all ages to enjoy quality care from his conveniently located dental practice in Escondido. Our entire team treats you like family, whether your child has come for their first appointment or a senior in your family needs new dentures.

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