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I get everything done with Dr. Schaeffer. I had some cavities taken care of, a root canal, and a retainer made. He really knows his stuff. I wish there were more dentists like him. He will personally call you to make sure that you are doing okay after you have a procedure done. He really cares about all his patients. He also donates his services for the homeless. How many dentists do that?

Dear Dr. Schaeffer,

Thank you so much for helping me will my tooth ache. You were kind and helful to me. I'm verry great full to you and Val and you made it so it wasn't so scary for the first time. And I hope you can be my dentiste for a verry long time.

Thank you so much

Teeth are great clean

Oh and can you tell Val he was nice and helpful to!

Reanna Avina

I came to Dr. Stanley Schaeffer with much trepidation. I have had dental problems since early childhood and now in my middle 80's I had reached the stage where the partials I had on the upper teeth were no longer working. The balance of the upper teeth - 7 in all, were now shaking and it was increasingly difficult to chew anything.

Dr. Schaeffer told me I had reached the end of the line with the top teeth. I had spoken to friends about losing one's teeth to dentures and they assured me that the experience was not traumatic. For me the idea was so traumatic that life was no longer worth living. The battle to save my teeth was a battle for my life and I did not want to go on.

It is difficult for me to fully describe how really amazing Dr. Schaeffer was when handling my case. He knew how I felt and shared with me his own feelings about such trauma. It was the way he spoke to me that made me realize that I still had something to live for even if I had lost my lifelong battle with my teeth.

I do a lot of public speaking and I was worried about my appearance with a denture. Dr. Schaeffer assured me that the day of the surgery he would insert the denture and that I wold walk out of his office looking quite normal.

What he said was true. The surgery went well and I had no pain. He had previously told me of the food I would have to eat during the next few weeks. I was well prepared.

The day after the surgery I came in for a checkup. He told me it would take some time for me to feel comfortable and that I was to come in to see him as many times as was necessary to perfect the adjustments to the denture.

It is six months since the surgery. I am fine and very happy with the results.

In closing, I will say that anyone who is a patient of Dr. Schaeffer is very fortunate. he is indeed, not only a very skilled dentist, but a very caring human being.

Very truly yours,

Laura Glusha

Dr. Schaeffer made any upper denture for me in 2008. he had me return to see him quite a few times in order to get the proper height and fit, and allowed me to see t he shape and size of the teeth in a wax state. When he and I were completely satisfied with the denture, Dr. Schaeffer sent it out for the final process. When Dr. Schaeffer delivered the denture, he suggested that I may need adjustment visits, and asked me to call and set up appointments as needed.

I am extremely pleased with the denture and the work Dr. Schaeffer and his staff did for me.

Sheldon Howard

Dr. Schaeffer made me an upper and a lower denture around July 2009. he worked with me on every step and made sure that I liked the shape, size of the teeth and the fit of the teeth on the try-in visit.

And then he had me in for the delivery of the dentures. He even had me back a few times to adjust the fit and comfort of the dentures.

By the way, the State of California paid for the dentures.

Also, throughout the whole procedure, I felt that with his professionalism and personal concern, I wouldn't have been happier with another dentist.

William Porter

The only insurance I have is Medi-Cal, which will now only cover a tooth extraction.

My first experience was about 3 years ago, and as a second opinion because I wasn't happy with the dentist I had been seeing. It was like night and day. I immediately knew Dr. Schaeffer was the best choice. He was very professional, thorough, and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

I had a root canal done for the first time on my lower front tooth. What a beautiful job he did and he was able to save the entire tooth. I was extremely impressed from start to finish, and am still to this day. Later that evening, I received a phone call from Dr. Schaeffer wondering how I was doing. I was completely shocked, and it just added to my impression and experience.

His staff compliment his practice very nicely and I have been so pleased. It wasn't until my last visit that I realized how great this denist really is. That tooth extraction I mentioned in the beginning that Medi-Cal pays for, I had done. Well, I ended up getting dry socket because I didn't do my part. Not only is he fixing the problem I caused at no cost, but is also meeting w/me on a Sunday to treat me (due to a long holiday weekend). All, and no pay.

Pleased Patient

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